Used SDC 2300 with Extras for Sale - Wickenburg, AZ

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Hello All,

   A customer of mine is selling his used Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector.  He is asking $2300 firm for it, but it has some extras.  Check out the pictures and contact him directly for any further info or a potential purchase.  The unit is around Wickenburg, Arizona - ask for Mike - 503-807-6413




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That’s one great looking SDC . It had to have a protected cover over it from day one because most you see don’t look that clean.

 To find out more like Rob said you need to call . I do know it’s a great detector because I’ve had one. I’m still kicking my butt for selling it but that’s not the first time I’ve sold something and regretted it later.


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 Sorry that we got cut off but glad to hear you sold that great looking 2300.

 Now guys he did say he has the XP ORX with the elliptical HF coil he wants to sell .This another great detector and I have both coils with mine.

 Detectors and guns you can’t have to too many of them.

 Like a gun friend says I don’t have to shoot it it’s just the pleasure of owning it. That’s the way I am about Detectors’s.

 The Best To You Mike .


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