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When you are treasure hunting for coins don't forget about the old coins you find around the house or in my case coins that were found doing trashouts you never know when there is a valuable coin in your pocket or stash

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 Back in 65 when I first started coin hunting I hardly ever looked at my coins I found that day . I’d come in and throw them in a treasure chest my wife had made for me.

 I’ve found some coins in the early 1800 but never any earlier than that. Not saying I don’t have any earlier ones but not found with a detector.

Coin hunting is a lot like nugget hunting. Every time you come back over old ground with a better detector than the last you will find more coins. This is what’s happening with the new 6000 in they going over a old patch and finding gold.

 Detectors and guns are a lot a like. One gun can’t do every kind of hunting you want to do and the same with a detector.

 If nothing else the both are good for holding up walls. You just never know when a wall could fall in on you.

 The Best!


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