The First Round Of The 6000

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Did you find yourself getting a 6000 on the first round of shipment? If so then call yourself lucky.

 I don’t believe any Minelab dealer has said just how many they received on their shipment. It was one dealer in Alaska making a statement that when he did receive his allotment that he had more 6000 coming in that he had names of people that had spoke for one.

 At least two different people have reported on their 6000 over on Steve’s forum. Both made a positive report showing gold found. One even had a 7000 along and was comparing signal strength between the two. They found both detectors detected the nugget but the 6000 had a clearer signal over the 7000 . They also made a statement that the 6000 was well balanced.

 It was other comments made about the 6000 but I couldn’t find a negative word said.

 I do believe that Minelab has outdone themselves on a beautiful well made detector that even I could run. Oh I’m not one that has already put his money down but I have made the statement I do want one when the rush is over. Cooler weather is a contributing factor that goes along with my above sentence.

 Hopefully someone on here that purchase one from Rob will chime in with their report of their 6000 .


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Hey Chuck,

  We have them back in stock now, plus all the accessories like the extra battery, lower shafts, both skidplates and even Doc's new Blue Camo 5 piece cover kit.  All can be seen and purchased from this page below -

We would love to do business with you.  


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