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I bought a ZSearch from Rob a couple weeks ago for my 7000, looking for the weight advantage, also better pin pointing ability and help finding smaller nuggets which there is a lot more of than bigger nuggets, this helps keep the skunk off. All of this helps me as I am getting up there in age, almost 83.

So the purpose of this post is to say I am very happy with all the above and to tell you about my small nugget find to show that this coil will find small nuggets.

I was getting a fair amount of ground noise in the spot I was detecting because I was running the 7000 hot but got this slight variation in signal that was little sharper than normal, after 2 scrapes with my pick I was getting a sharp signal that I had to chase to get it in my scoop.

Finally I retrieved the small nugget? I call this a nugget because I found it with a detector, but really it is not even a picker, maybe a flake.

I weighed it on a Ohaus balance beam powder scale and it weighs .9 grains, not grams. Now this was not on the surface, it was down 1-3" as I made 2 pick scrapes to get it on the surface. 

So I didn't get rich but I sure had fun, thats what detecting for me is all about. Thank for listening. Sorry I didn't take a picture of my flake.


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Hey Steve,

   That is awsome.  The Nugget Finder Z Search - https://www.robsdetectors.com/nugget-finder-12-z-searchcoil-for-gpz-7000/ is a great coil for added sensitivity, getting into tighter spots and really making the GPZ 7000 lighter to swing.  I have no removed my 12" Z Search since putting it on.  

I agree, you can find them down to under 1 grain (480 grains per ounce).  

Thanks for sharing the story.



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Hey Guys,

   Just got another small batch of these coils back in stock, but they will be gone within a few days.  I love mine for sure, haven't heard nothing but praises about them.  If anyone wants to order one online, the direct link is a few post up in this thread.  



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