Pre-Summer & During Summer Prospecting for Gold Nuggets

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Hey Guys,

   Well I'm not sure if it's just un-motivation, heat, humidity or what, but it's been a slow summer prospecting for me to say the least.  Prior to the summer, up to about May-June a partner and myself were still out hitting the goldfields religiously.   I put down the GPZ 7000 for a bit and wanted to give the Minelab GPX 6000 some time, so that is just want I did prior to Summer rolling in.  In just a month or so on the weekends I rounded up a nice little batch of nuggets, roughly 1.66 ounces, mostly smaller gold.  I was getting really adjusted to the lightweight unit and its ability to find small gold really well.  

Well, now its summer, heat up to 110-115 plus high humidity, my interested drastically dropped.  I have been out a few early mornings before the Sun popped up hitting some new spots in hots for a new location or patch.  I found 3 lonely nuggets in 3 new locations, really thought one of them would pan out into a good spot.  I couldn't tell you how many lonely nuggets I have found over the years in new washes, benches or hillsides where I spent the rest of the day thinking I was onto something.  Many of the spots over the years I have returned thinking I must have missed something or just overlooked the obvious ... NOPE just not there (or within detector capability to find).  

I'm excited for the cool weather to roll upon us soon.  There's a lot of new stuff to play with, including the new Garrett Axiom metal detector, Coiltek GoldHawk coils for the GPX 6000, Nugget Finder coils for GPX 6000 (coming soon), along with the Nugget Finder 17" Elliptical for the GPZ 7000.  We carry all of these items for anyone that might be looking at some point, look us up if you don't have a source already.  

Here are a few pictures of some of the gold I rounded up, nothing to write home about, but it still gets the "Gold Bug" biting. 

Keep the coils swinging,





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Thanks for the comments guys.  Brown Nugget your story reminds me of our recent trip to San Diego.  We left here, Central Arizona and it was 118 degrees that day at our house.  We drove through Yuma, temps were about the same.  We crossed into Cali, temps still about the same until we hit the farming areas of El Centro and it dropped a few degrees.  Then eventually before we climbed over that Mountain range around Alpine, the temps were down in the 80-90's, then mid 70's around San Diego.  It was about a 5 hour drive and almost 40 degree temp drop. 

Too bad  there wasn't much gold right in San Diego :D


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