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Thanks for the always.. fast mailing service Rob.  I can't wait to get it over a large area that I have found many nuggets in.  The NF Z-12 found these recently.. I'm thinking there are some deeper that the NF Z-17 will sniff out too..


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2 hours ago, beatup said:

You will like the coil i sure do it payed of for me.

I'm thinking I'll like it too!!  I have heard that the 17 is sensitive on small targets that are deeper... That's what I'm counting on.  I'll post up some pics on how it works out.. 

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Hey Guys,

  That is correct, I have plucked about a dozen nuggets so far from old hammered patches with the new GPZ 17x13 Z Searchcoil.  Most of them have been smaller, .5 to 1.5 Grammers at amazing depth.  I have yet to get over something to really write home about, but we all know the smaller nuggets in the Gram size are the real "beans and bacon" of metal detecting.  I have nearly paid for the coil in just a couple times out over beat up nugget patches. 


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