Lets pig out

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A traveling saleman was driving down a country road one day and he see's a three legged pig in the pin next to the road. So he says he's going to stop and see whats with that three legged pig.

He stops and the farmer came out and he started to ask whats with that three legged pig but before he finished the farmer cut him off. Saying thats is a sensational pig. One time the house was on fire and that pig broke the screen, he came in and woke us up and saved our lives.

Again the saleman started ask about the three legged pig and the farmer cut him off again.Thats a sensational pig! One time my tractor turned over on me and that pig came and dug me out saving my life.

Saleman again says what happen to his leg? The farmer says,well when you got a sensational pig like that, you don't eat him all at one time!

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So a traveling salesmans car breaks down deep in the Ozarks,and its starting to get dark so the salesman starts walking back to town when an ol farmer stops and offers him a ride,as they are driving along the farmer tells the salesman that he can spend the night and he will take him to town in the morning to get his car fixed,the salesman agrees with only one stipulation that he be able to sleep in the barn with the animals as the salesman say's he can speak with the animals.

The farmer finds this a little"odd" but agrees

After a great big and delicious dinner the salesman wonders down to the barn eith the farmer,the farmer gives him a blanket and a pillow and tells him goodnight and will be down to wake him up first thing

Wel first thing in the morning the farmer goes down to the barn and he is chuckling that the saleman "talks" to the animals

Much to his surprise the saleman is awake his hair is wet from combing it and he is ready for the day,a little surprised the farmer ask's how did you sleep?the salesman says great!and then the farmer says chuckling so did you talk to my animals?

The salesman replies why I sure did and your horse told me that bit that you got last month really hurts his mouth!

Amazed the farmer thinks to his self how did he know that and yup he got a bit last month!

Then the salesman tells him your cows teet's are sore from the milking machine and asked me to tell you to turn the pressure down!

The farmer is besides himself now thinking man this guy really does talk to the animals!

Then the salesman looks over at his sheep and starts to make a comment


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