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B) Hey what a rush. I won the Keene 4 inch dredge in the PLP raffle and my buddy Larry Dickerson won the Proline 2" highbanker combo. I see Jim Straight even won a gold pan ...thought I saw him walking around the PLP booth in Lancaster GPAA show with a handfull of tickets. Talked with him for about an hour at the metal detector hunt ---couldn't find a nicer guy chock full of info....kinda like a walking textbook. Thanks to PLP and Keene for donating my dredge. Pondmn :lol::blink::):rolleyes:
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Thanks Bob My first dredge was a 2 1/2 Keene in 1972 and I have had several since with my last two being a 2 inch backpack and a 4 inch. Really a nice feeling to win. Jerry

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Guest sandtrap

Congrats on your winning!! I came up on the short end, but it is for a good cause. I wish I could have met you/. Jim Straight and I had coffee together. He is my mentor (GURU) My time at the show was short, as I worked the nite before, and had to work that nite also. I may meet you some other time. The Randsburg area is my hunting area.

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You the Man Pondmn !

Won't be long till you'll have your own private line to the assay's office. hehe

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:D:D:D Ol' Jim here with more comments. Sandtrap is an old friend and he mentioned this thread. So I am here posting. He thinks he came up on the shortend, but he is a true friend and winner... we have beeped together over the years in California and Nevada. We have found gold... but more than that a friendship.

Pondmm you sent me a "personal" but I cannot seem to open it. It was great to meet you at Lancaster. I was in the hunt but the detector decided to act-out. Although I had a back-up ready I decided to stick with the machine and play with it.

It now works fine in my back yard. Sandtrap and I are looking for the elusive "mid range" zone where the desert soil relative density increase from 50% (loose) to 70+% (firm-dense). At this point the surface gold temporarily hangs up as a false


It was the Trinity bowl I won. Yep, a handful of tickets I had. It took time to fill each one out. I fully support the PLP. Dee Stapp and Jerry Hobbs, as well as the other PLP members who have worked in hard in lawsuits which are keeping back the closure of areas. Both have suffered financially. This I know, as I have known both of them for many years and the terrible stress involved. And tragically they

are not getting the support of those who believe in appeasement.

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