lets see if it will work here

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I found this one two weeks ago, a nice 10 grainer.


Hey it worked here. On other forums when I post the picture I lose the server and it will not post.

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Hello Darin,

Thanks for posting your find and congrats! :D The piece sure looks bigger than a 10 grainer, but sometimes nuggets can fool you. Did you happen to find that in Arizona or another State?

Thanks for posting and hope to hear more stories and nuggets in the future.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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That nugget was found in the mountains of the Mother lode above Sac. Ca.. We were going to detect Yesterday and today but we started a disc brake change over on my Toyota FJ40 last week and the parts that I needed finally got here. So we are going to finish the job today and be out detecting sometime this week/end. I will have some more pictures for you later.


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post-366-1148579302_thumb.jpg Here is the nugget on the scale.

I have been learning how to post pictures and resize them for the forums. It is pretty easy once you now how.

IronMike, the spot was up in a pit. We found some nice little nuggets , one was about the size of your finger nail, it was very thin like paper. My detecter would not pick it up. The gold bug 2 was the detecter that found it. The person that found it said that the nugget was standing on edge.

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