More Moore Creek Pics

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Hi Rob and all, Been trying to get more stuff posted(I only took around 400 pics and 45 minutes of video) :blink: I got sent out of town as soon I got back.

Once again I want to thank Steve H. for the chance to experience a little piece of Alaska, and for sharing his dream with us. Tell Bob the meals were great and sorry about the microwave :unsure: George(Seeker) great to meet you again. I enjoyed talking with you. Happy anniversary to you and you better half. To the gang I traveled with, Rob, Glenn, Gaine, Laszlo, Dennis, CJ, and Chris. Pm me with your mailing addresses or at least you email, I'm working on a DVD I'd like to send you. Gaine, thanks for the idea of saving the cons. for my kids, they had a blast. Thanks Rob and Dennis for helping me Dennis is quite the digger. Glenn tried to help but couldn't get close with all the dirt flying. Here are the B&W pics you asked about Gainepost-25-1151208504_thumb.jpgpost-25-1151208606_thumb.jpg

Close up of my goldpost-25-1151208634_thumb.jpg We had a few visitors at nightpost-25-1151208656_thumb.jpgpost-25-1151208675_thumb.jpg

Raring to go :lol:post-25-1151208591_thumb.jpg Bob risking life and limb to get the shotpost-25-1151208574_thumb.jpg

Chris taking an assay of the Coolaid? :rolleyes: Great pics you posted by the way, Chris. post-25-1151208819_thumb.jpg

A fresh find I think I just ran out of space for pics so I'll give it a rest. Anyway, I had a blast, can't believe it went so fast, can't believe week three is almost over. More later if Rob gives me the space. Later...Jim P.

Laszlo crossing a beaver dam


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Hello Jim,

Forgot to add I like the pictures you posted. Many are very interested in joining in on an adventure to Moore Creek. If you have more pictures we would all love to see them. I like the Black & White photos you shot. We sure had a great bunch of guys during the first week.

P.S. Did you happen to figure out how much weight we recovered when we both double-teamed on the high-banker for about an hours time? I think there's some great gold waiting to be recovered there if someone wants to spend some time shoveling.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Hi Jim, great pics bro! Those B&W pics are way cool. It was sure a great idea for you to take those pics like that. You gonna put together a DVD? I sure would like a copy and will send my info, appreciate that. I too enjoyed meeting up with you again and spending a week in the wilderness with the gang. We all sure clicked, don't ya think? I'm glad your kids liked panning the con, guess you have a couple of prospecting partners in the making and you'll need THREE (or Four) spots on your next trip to AK. Thanks for sharing the pics with us and hope to meet up again...soon! Gaine

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Thanks for posting the pictures.Looking forward for the DVD.

I still can't believe I went on the trip.

I know what you mean about the work,been putting in 11 hr days myself. :angry:


Good to here from you,hope your knee feels better.

Hope to see you here in Arizona in the near future.

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Jim P,

I've always wanted to format a post just like the way you did it here.Is it fairly easy or do you need to know how to build a webpage?Eventually I'd like to make some of my post with mpegs and/or sound in between the pics& sentences (if possible).

Nicely done!



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Thanks guys, I'm heading out again so I'll see you in a few days.

Rob, sorry I didn't call, my loss. I think we got just over 1DWT for 45 minutes or so, not bad.

Thanks Ted, go if you ever get the chance, it's worth it.

Gaine, thanks, glad you like them. Yup, my two boys were bug eyed looking at all the gold in the pan. I'll start saving now and see if I can get the whole family up there some day. I was thinking more along the lines of Crow Creek though :)

Laszlo, I'm glad you were able to come, I enjoyed your company. Hard to come back to reality isn't it?

Flak, no problem, glad you liked them. I'll try to get some more up later. I came home to a blown up monitor and no internet last week so hopefuly things will go better this week.

Thanks Chris, I'm plannig on Feb. and I'll bring the journals. Thanks for the Ibuprophin, it made the second day bearable.

Bigfoot, thanks. After the pics are loaded, I hit preveiw, copy the link, delete it from the original location and paste it where I want it. It takes a little practice but it's not hard.


It help to hit the return key between pics also

Later...Jim P.

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