Todays Hunt with Pondmn and Shep and Grubstake

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Well Shep and Jerry and I rode up to the patch today, Shep scored a 1 DWT nugget and Jerry and I dug trash. Yeh as far as gold goe's it was a skunk for us, but I did find my first coin up there, a 1911 V nickel in fair shape, for a dug coin. Shep offered to dubble my money, and said he would give me a shiny new dime, but I told him thanks anyway, I will just keep it. I used the stock 11 DD today, Jerry used the Platypus, Shep was using the Wallaby, but switched at noon to the Platypus too. I think he found the nugget withthe Wallaby, maybe he will post a pix. Good time anyway, good friends and a not so hot day temp. wise. Grubstake

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Hey Grubstake,

What's the deal with you letting Shep get the edge on you in the patch? :P Good to hear Shep scored a nugget at the patch. Looks like the patch is still producting some good nuggets. I'm just waiting to hear about the Monster Nugget one of these days. Hopefully it will be you that finds it. :D

I'm sure all you guys had a great time. I finally was able to get over some more sizeable pieces besides the normal "Bradshaw Dinks!"

Take care,

Rob Allison

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That flying skunk came up this way but turned back like a boomerang!

I went wood cutting today but spend a couple hours detecting while I was out, and even with the limited time, I still picked up a nice 1.1 dwt nugget.

You'll get the gold next time.


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Yeah GRUBSTAKE, but how did those boots work out for you?

I think they are much better than the old FALCON boots I used to carry. These just really seem tougher, and I love the no dirt with the gussetted tongue.

Take care!


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DOC the BOOTS were great, very comfortable, lots better than the old style boots. Its Shep fault I didn't get any gold, and Pondmns tooo. They were making my detector go nuts, following me around. Everytime I looked, there was one of them hideing in the brush. Trying to see what I was digging. Ha! Ha! :lol::rolleyes:;) Grubstake

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Shep is right that Gary was following us aroung to see if we hit a new patch. I found an old probihition wiskey bottle and Shep immediately wanted to know if there was any Cabo left in it. Raining in Sunny California today. Jerry

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