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Hello All,

Many of my friends and customers already know, but I'm in the process of moving from one location to a new location. I'm going to be even closer to the goldfields! :o

During the process of moving, it might take a bit longer for me to respond. I'm still conducting business on a normal level, but due to no Internet Access and Phone at the new location, I'm running back in forth for the next week or so. All Minelab Detectors, Coiltek Searcoils/Accessories and all other Electronic Prospecting Equipment is in stock at all times. Check out my Holiday Detector Specials for some of the best deals for Mail Order and Local Residents.

This has been one of my best business years to date, and I owe it all to you. Thanks a million for supporting Rob's Detector Sales and continuing to help my business grow.

P.S. I also landed a much better job (a lot more money) and a new residents. Everything is working out perfect ... I owe it all to the Lord, Parents and Great Friends.

If you need to get a hold of me right away to order something, or if you have questions, try the business line first @ (623) 362-1459 or my personal cellular @ (602) 909-9008. If I don't answer, I promise to get back with you ASAP.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday,

Rob Allison

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I got to see Rob’s new digs. You got you’re self a really nice place there buddy! It’s just now; I got to get up an hour earlier to get there :( . I don’t think anyone has ever been lower and higher in one day but I new you could do it ;) . Congrats again Rob.


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Hi Rob, this is John in Blackwell,Tx. and I am very happy for you. You are certainly right about having your faith in God. I know you will be going places and I wish you much more success my friend. So go forward and God Speed! Blessings to you Rob and Merry Christmas too!

John Tomlinson, CET

John's Detectors

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Hi Rob,

Glad we had a chance to chat yesterday.

Being you are so close now maybe we will meet some afternoon for coffee up on Grand.

Give me a call when you catch your breath so I can pick up my Pocket Rocket.

If you need any help with your big move I can help with my big truck. :)

Give me a call.


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Hey Guys/Gals,

Thanks for all the comments. Things are looking good. I continue to keep plugging away through the low and highs ....

Luckily I'm surrounded with great friends like you all, which really makes a huge difference.

Thanks for all the friendship, support and business,

Warm regards,

Rob Allison

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