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Hello All,

The pushes on the 24K Gold Hunters Club produced a good amount of nuggets today. The biggest pieces were 1/4 ouncers and a small handful of 1 Dwt and smaller nuggets.

It didn't snow or rain today, but it was very cold with a slight breeze.

Iggy scored his first gold nugget today from push 2. Steve (Wonderer) found his 3rd gold nugget today from push 2. A handful of other members scored nuggets.

Leaverite scored a small one, Glenn found (2) nuggets, one being almost 3 Dwts. I found (2) small gold nuggets from two different push sites.

Some new GPX-4000 owners were also on the claims trying to figure out their detectors. Some of the AZ dealers are promising field instructions but not giving them, or having guys with no GPX-4000 experience teach them! :angry:

Will post a nugget picture tomorrow.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Cold here too, it was 22 deg at 08:00 and our targets were incased in ice!

We hold the dirt in our hand and let it melt.

One thing is either were bitching it's hot or bitching it's cold.

A beautiful day to hunt here in Calif..I think it got up to 30 today and I noticed my machine runs sluggish when it's cold..I don't blame it, I do too!

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Don't matter to me, I dress in layers, when Shep and I went out yesterday, I was wearing long Johns and my Cammo's with three long sleeve T shits and a down vest. never broke into a sweat or took any of it off. I don't wear gloves, so my hands were the only thing that got cold. Shep had long sleeves too, and I think a heated MAXIE PAD on! Ha! Ha! :lol::lol::lol::lol::P:P:P:P Grubstake

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Hello Guys,

Was out there today with Scott (new GPX-4000 customer) and Leaverite. We tried out luck down in the flats, but couldn't find anything. Later we gave the 24K Gold Hunters Club a shot and I picked two nuggets from one of the pushes. :D Leaverite found a couple of very deep targets with a huge searchcoil, but none of them were gold. :(

Will post a picture later.

Rob Allison

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