CT Curly Cord...Got it...Thanks, Rob

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Yo, Rob...Got the CT Curly Cord this afternoon...That was fast!!! ....Order yesterday, got it today... :) Thank you...I've been putting up with the squeeks an squaks from my old curly and also homemade stright cord for months...Probably cost me a few nuggets...Thanks for the great service, Rob...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah....

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Hello Uncle Ron,

Regardless of what you might read on th Internet, the Coiltek Heavy Duty Power Cords are still the strongest cords on the market. The rubber boot on each end really makes a difference, no other company besides Minelab is using them. Reason? Cost .... :o

For less than $45, you must have a backup power cord. Been too many tmes when I hiked several miles and found out the cord was busted! :angry:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Yep, I'm very pleased with the CT curley cord...I also received my new 18" Coiltek DD Pro today and am especially excited because I have some black sand washes I've been working that have produced a few ounces of gold, with nuggets up to 1/2 ozt.....(Attached pic of it)... Doc & Coiltek were awesome to work with me since my coil was a couple years old...Hat's off to you, Rob, Doc, and the rest of the Coiltek team...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Iggy....The 18"DD Pro, like most DD coils, tends to ignore mineralization far better than mono coils ...It also ignores the hot rocks, including some of the ironstone, that are prevalent at LSD and the flats around Rich Hill area...That's because the DD signal is like a long thin blade and the mono is like a big round eye that sees everything under it...It is quite common, in my experience, to hunt a mineralized area very thoroughly with mono coils to the point I'm no longer finding any targets, then go back in with either my 11" DD or the 18"DD and find quite a few additional targets, some of them gold!

Riverman, I orignially had a curly cord that I thought got hung up way too much on catsclaw, etc. ... I used to talk to my curly cord more than I talked to my wife!! :D ... I thought that a straight cord would be better so I went to Radio Shack and got some 4-pin connectors and searched the web until I found some Monster Wire ... Altogether my cost was about 15 bucks....So then I got out my trusty solder gun and went to town... Since I'm not real handy with such things, creating my own cord ended up taking about 3 hours actual work, plus the couple hours I'd already put in getting the parts...

But finally I got it done...It worked great ... When I got out in the field, the first thing I noticed was I got hung up on catsclaw, etc., just about as much, but because there was no curl to soften the yank, I kept messing up the cord and having to resolder and ended up using a couple rolls of tape to reinforce the connectors... I also kept catching it on my heel just as you did and that nearly gave me a tumble or two in some steep hillside hunting...

Finally, I got fed up and ordered a new curly from Rob...Well worth the modest cost and now I can hunt with less frustration.....Cheers, Unc

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