Todays hunt with Shep and my uncle Allen

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Hoooweee! What a chunk!!! They're getting bigger! Congratulation to your uncle! Man, I'm waiting to hear about the lunker you find Grubstake...go get 'em!

out of curosity, where abouts were you at the patch? near all the folks that are living there? north, south, east, west???

congrats by the way, thats a nice nugget.

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Hello Grubstake,

Congrats to your Uncle. That is one hell of a nugget! However, I have my fingers crossed that yours will be much larger than any of them found so far. You have been really good to all the guys you have allowed to hunt up there. I'm hoping yours top over a Troy Pound! ;)

Rob Allison

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:D Great find :D I think, I would have to take a nitro for each ounce :rolleyes:

was your uncle Allen, using your lucky 2200?

Take care,


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He might as well live here, my house is his second home. He's my uncle, but he's just 5 years older, he was in Nam the same time as me, and we hunted and fished together all our lives. More like a brother than an uncle. Grubstake

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