Got my new GPX 4000 today!

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Thanks to the fine packing done by Rob, my GPX 4000 arrived today unscathed from the handlers and drivers of UPS. I am glad he pads and reboxes the original box.(See photo)

Now I need to go assemble and tinker with my new toy.

Thank you both Rob & Dawn!

EDIT: Note the tape with "Fragile" printed on it! I always arrange "Will Call" pickup when I know something delicate is coming because I have seen all the drivers that I know throw boxes around and even walk on them to get to other packages.

Anyone remember the opening scene from "Ace Ventura - Pet Detective"? (See my reply below for a link to it)


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Well Cap you got it but the only thing is I'm not there to play with it too. That's one of many things that Rob does to ensure you get it in tack.

You may not know it but UPS has nugget rat's on their trucks,that's why Rob double box everything he ships.

I know your going to like that GPX4000 and if I can sell my GP3500 I'll have one also.

Have Fun!

Chuck Anders

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  • Admin

Hello Capt. Grumpy,

Well I would first like to tell you "Thanks" for all the great business! :D Also, seen you called earlier on my cell, but I was in the Hospital visiting my Grandmother.

As for my packing, it's one of the most important things I do. I would hate for anyone's package (regardless of price) to show up broken. :( I've heard about other dealers just wrapping Minelab Metal Detectors in Kraft Paper, I've done it in the past and will never do that again. All Minelab Metal Detectors are shipped in the factory box with another heavy duty box around it. I spend a lot of money on Boxes, Heavy Duty Tape and Bubble Wrap, but it's worth it.

As for the "Fragile Tape," I love it! I normally run a couple runs of that tape around the box to make sure UPS or the US Postal Service knows the package is Fragile.

You're going to love the new Minelab GPX-4000!

Keep us updated,

Rob Allison

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