SD 2200 finds

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This weekend I went out with Shep and found the little nugget (.7dwt)at the top of the picture.I found it early in the day so my hopes were up that I might find more. I pounded the area nothing else but lead and boot tacks.

I started working my way in to the brush to see if I might get lucky. After I pulled the 3rd tick off my neck it was time for me to go get in the river and make sure that they were all off of me.

Well after I declared that there were no more ticks I went back to detecting the bedrock on the bank of the river more lead is all I came up with.

The other gold in the picture I found last weekend. Someone had used the shell caseings as a container for the gold (7.7dwt) that is in the little pile. One caseing is a 40-70 and the other is a 38-55 they were between 14 and 16 inches deep.

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I'd show my finds, but you've all seen lead and rust. Did find a ? which I forgot till this moment, and put it in my bottle (will look tomorrow). Also found an antique fishing weight; hourglass shaped (like most wives) large at bottom, small at top, to try your knot. Leader is still there.

Got a touch of poison oak, but tried the cream from TECHNU, works fine! :rolleyes:

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Flak, The river is the lowest I have seen it for this time of the year since 1991 or 92 I can't remember witch.

I do remember in 1977 it was alot lower than it is now it wasen't even flowing in spots at Bagby.

My dad and I took a jeep all the way to Horseshoe Bend down the river bed from Bagby.

I have found and seen some net stuff found there over the years.

Maybe gold will hit that magical number and liven the place back up.

Before the Greenies shut it down for good.(I think they allready have with the AB1032)

I wish the people of America would realize once a place is closed or a law is passed it will never be put back

to the way it was before.

I guess you can say I miss the old Bagby.

Take care,Matt

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Guest Mike C...

Damnnnn miner matt that is quite the find-congrats B) --I have yet to score a bullet shell stuffed with gold :huh: --I've found some shells that were crimped at the top and when I shook it I could hear something rattling inside-it got my heart going with excitement when opened only dirt and sand :mellow: -I could never figure out how it got in there unless it was an old miners joke :blink: -Mike C... :ph34r:

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I was actually dredging up on the Merced in '77 - '79,

I could walk across it almost anywhere except the deep pools.

Quite a sight.

The South fork of the Yuba was even weirder, you could walk across it too.

Those were nice days, I still have the dredge safely stored up in Mt. Bullion with

friends. I go visit them and it every year or so, it still works great.

Uh oh I'm getting wanderlust...


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  • Admin

Hello Miner Matt,

Congrats on the finds! ;) You guys sure live in some interesting country. Hope to get back up that way before the end of the year to see Grubstake, Shep, Uncle Allen, Jerry and maybe you this time. :D

How is the Coiltek Pocket Rocket System working out for you?

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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