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  • 1 month later...

Rob and Chuck.... I have somthing to share with you... Our great

granddaughter Bella was (as kids do) was going through my stuff and

found a skeleton key... so I went to this post and slowly down loaded

the full size photo... Bella got excited as she saw she was holding

one similar to it. (She has the other one.)

At one time they were available at most hardware stores for Five

cents each. Also... for eight cents a key could be bought that would

fit the ignition (magneto) switch of all Model "T" Fords as manufactured

up to as late as 1924... the last year "T's" with magnetos were available.

About 74 different keys... all numbered... were made for the "T's" with

a starter/battery from 1919 until the end in 1927. Any key could be

bought at a Ford garage for less than twenty-five cents; and the ignition

lock had a visible number of the key needed... But if you did not have

a key all that was needed to reach under the dashboard (Of most any

car) and use a "pigtail" or twist the two wires together. I once had

a 1914, 1915, 1923, 1925 and a 1926 Model "T" Fords. The 1923 is a race

car and the 1926 is a fordoor sedan. Both are now in England and well loved...

The 1914 and 1915 are on display somewhere in Oklahoma and the 1925

I have lost track of

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, to add to my earlier post. A couple of days ago I found out

the "skeletion" key our Great grandaugter Bella found would open

the interior bedroom and bathroom doors of the Duplex her Grand

Father and Grandmother lived. The Duplex dates back to 1923. It

is in an older section of town... Still a nice older neighborhood.

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