How many hours of skunk?

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I've gone nearly 80 hours (detecting time) since I got my last nugget, even with help from others (thanks 29 prospector) I can't get over another one. :huh: .

I am wondering how many hours you guys have gone between nuggets.

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DigDeep, I can name a few people that have gone a year, detecting on weekends, for 6-8 hours a day without getting there first nugget, Its not that uncommond. Your time will come. even I have been in a slump so long now! I forgot what it looks like. But hang in there, with more time, you gain more skill, and knowledge. That will put ypu over a nugget. Grubstake

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Hey Digdeep,

I can't remember exactly how long it took me to find my first gold nugget, but I believe it was a couple of months. I had no clue where to search, what to look for or how to even use the detector I had at the time well. The first one I found was 7.5 Dwt's and I was freaking happy as hell!

Some of the most important factors are -

(1) Being in a gold nugget bearing area and knowing what to look for

(2) Knowing your detector and how to tune and tweak to various ground conditions to maximize sensitivity and depth

(3) Having good detector techniques (searchcoil height, coil speed, ect ...)

(4) Knowing what to listen for (some of the suttle audio sounds)

(5) Having confidence, believing in yourself! ;)

(6) Don't give up, gold nugget hunting is a process of ellimination and a "hit or miss" game :girl:

I've known guys to go a good year before finding their first, while others have hit "Trophy" type nuggets their first day out. :o It's just a matter of time and normally after you find the first the second, third .... start coming much quicker.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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The day after I got my 4000 I was halfway up the side of a pretty steep ridge and after digging a few bullets I was digging a target and out of the hole jumped a big chunk that turned out to be a large cal bullet wrapped in gold foil. I still have it for show and tell. For a minute I thought "There ain't nothin to this". Seven weeks later I found my first nugget, a nice 2.2 gram. I was detecting 3-5 hr on pretty days at Stanton. Thanks to Chris G. and Montana for the advice. Looking back I am sure that I passed over some smaller nuggets by not taking their advice and Dig EVERY target. The more experienced fellers may be able to tell nuggets from trash but us rookies can't for sure. Keep trying, don't give up, and listen to all the free advice you can. Go to the Outings and you can learn from the experts like Chris, Rob, Montana and everyone that posts on all the forums you can find. Thanks to the computer we can learn in a short time what the oldtimers had to spend months to learn in the field. My hat is off to all of them for their unselfishness. Again, Dont be discouraged, keep swinging, and Good Luck. Slim

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It took me 6 weekends detecting 8+ hours a day to find my first nugget. Second nugget was two weeks after that detecting 8+ hours a day, my third.... every weekend for 8 months detecting 8+ hours a day. I almost wish it took me longer to find my first nugget because that 8 month dry spell was the worst!

Stick with it my friend you'll get one eventually, and when you do it will be the greatest feeling in the world! B)


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It took me about 2 months to find me first one, second one was the next day. I found about 30 my first year of detecting but I was able to go a lot. I have not found one since last Nov. but not much time since then, that is fixing to change and I hope to get back on track.


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My last skunk lasted about 5 months. I watched the friend I was introducing a GP extreme to, nabbed two small nuggets in 3 hours of detecting, his first time out. Me nothing that day .That was the start of the skunk.

I hit old haunts, mine dumps, even my old 'goto' high bench ground sluice spots. .....nothing. Although some interesting trash :rolleyes: , along with 3 chinese coins. But, no gold, for 5 months. I was out atleast twice a week. I dug everything.

The skunk ended last May while towing a floating dock upto Quincy for a friend. We stopped along Hwy 70 below Tobin. ITs a rest stop area. I pulled out my Gp3 to stretch my legs, and within 5 minutes a very nice Rosey quartz specie' ( 30' from the parking area), 14.4 oz total with 2.85 gold strung through it . Go figure.. I giggled like a little girl for about 20 mins .

Skunks do happen to everyone.. but again.. they do unhappen too. Thats what keeps us commin' back. :lol:

Cheers, John

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