guy was get all them ounces

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Hey Oakwood,

I didn't hear about this fellow, but it's not impossible for a small dredging operation (1-2 man) to find an ounce a day in some of the major Rivers of California. A good buddy of mine owns many claims on the Feather River and has found hundreds of ounces from running a Proline 6-inch and a 10-inch dredge. I'm going up next season to help him dredge for about a month. He said an ounce a day is common on his claims once you get down to the paylayer.

Wishing the guy on the Klamath the best!

Rob Allison

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Your not talking about blues dad?Now he was going to take the summer off from his truck driver job.Blues Dad did post one time after he got out to Ca. but haven't heard anymore from him.Just maybe we may hear from him soon after dredging season is over.When your single you can do alot of what you want than like me and other poor guys.


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There are a handful of well known characters between the Feather and Yuba who prospect full time. We have had 2 claims in the Feather Canyon since 1973 and 1982, One un-named (because I know he wouldnt want to be mentioned ) mines down the river from us and still lives in the his 1957 school bus. There is a well known gentleman by the name of McGuyver who has had a following of fans in the Yuba and Seneca regions. Does that sound familiar? He mostly is a hard rock miner though.

A. Kappman is a well known full time miner up on the Klamath. he has been running a 8 inch dredge by himself for years up there.

Cheers, John

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