Texas Gold and Silver

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Well I finaly got to do some serious detecting today. Its a spot that I have detected with my GB2 but never found anything. To many hot rocks for the GB2. I have dredged it and I have found some flour gold but no nuggets. This was the first time I got to use my SD 2200v2 and my Coiltek Joey mono coil on this ranch, man was this thing smooooth. I only dug a couple of iron stones that set it off, other than that it was prety quiet on our pink hot rocks that tear the GB2 up. I spent a total of about 6 hours in this creek. I was realy supprised that I didnt have to dig alot of trash targets. You can see from the pics that its a big granite bolder patch right in the middle of the creek. Lots of cracks to stick that joey coil in. I got the piece of silver first it was in the crack in the picture. It was down about six inches in that crack and realy wedged in there. I thought it was a ghost signal at first because I couldnt see it. It was black like a piece of hemitite but it felt to heavy. The peice weighed 23 grains. I found the little gold nugget about an hour later about 2 feet from where I found the silver nugget. It weighs 14 grains and it was about 3 inches down in the crack. The signal was so faint I passed over it a couple of times. The nugget looks like it has some silver in it. I mashed it prety good digging it out. I was so pumped up jumping around like a fool that I forgot to take any pictures of the crack it came out of. I have been doing this for 7 years here in Texas and I have never found 2 of anything in one day. Its not my first gold nugget but it is my first 2fer. I am going back tomarrow with a pry bar and move every rock I can. I guess I need to take my 12 gauge too, because dove season starts tomarrow.











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Hi Todd

Thanks for the pictures and it's great to see Texas gold and silver.You may be the cause of the first Texas gold rush.It's to bad we don't have the public land like the western states have so we could hunt nuggets when we want.

That Minelab 2200 is a great detector and with that Joey mono coil makes a great team and a hard one to beat.I see you got some neat digging tools to get down between those unmoveable rocks.

The best of luck to you and may the gold get bigger on your next find.

Chuck Anders

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  • Admin

Hey Todd,

Great to see some gold from some different areas. Haven't seen much of that Texan gold. ^_^ The Silver nugget is also a great find. I noticed a redish colored bank in the background. Have you tried hunting along that? Looks like River type gravels and might be a good place if you can find some exposed bedrock along it.

Thanks for sharing,

Rob Allison

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That red bank is part of an old river bed. The Llano river was just about a half mile away. That bank is about 20 feet tall and full of washed river rock and gravel. I have detected small areas of that bank, but in most places it is too steep. Some of the rounded river rocks that come out of that bank are as big as a car. Bed rock when you can find it is decayed granite. I have run some through a high banker and you can get flour gold and maybe a small flake or two, but I have not found a nugget there yet. I used to have more pictures of Texas gold and a few small nuggets, but when my house burnt down in 06 I smelted it all down. We have more silver in the area than gold. The Spanish left mines all over the place. One thing about this area in Texas If you are out swinging a detector for gold your probably the first one to hit that area, well unless I have already been their :D

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