Skunked Again!

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well Mat, My uncle Allen and I went to a spot, way up in the hills, I got skunked again, my uncle got skunked Robert got skunked, Matt well he's matt! Fun yesterday, we camped in out trucks, hunted for a couple of hours today, But no luck. Great company, nice to get out and get things off my mind, for a few hours. Copule pictures, me and a quartz vein. Matt took the pictures. Grubstake

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Sounds like you guys had a good time even though you didn't get any of the yellow stuff. I always like to see pictures in posts. Hunting solo makes it is hard to get any pics. It sure was hot in the Motherload yesterday. I made it out for a hot afternoon hunt. It was around 95+ degrees in the shade. Hope you get over some next time. Take care.



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Yeh, it was truely nice to get out, I looked and looked, but to no avail. Not one single nugget. But I could open an Ammo factory. Ha! Ha! Grubstake On another note, all this worry has got me down in weight, I got on the scales after my shower yesterday, I'm at 184 now, keep having to punch holes in my belt. Last year at this time, I was 206 and I'm only 5ft 11 inches.

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