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Hi Bob....There was a butt load of folks that showed up, but not much gold...The cross talk on the detectors was gawd awful and I think that's one reason not more gold was found....Elly told me there were 7 that she knew of...CK Steve found two, a 1.4 gram and a real dink about .3 gram....On the west side claims someone found about a 1.8 gram...I worked push 4 and down on push 2 it looked like an ant farm :rolleyes: ... Nothing was found on 4....Couple were found on 5 and 4 or 5 on 2...I would not be surprised if more come out after the crowds are gone and bigger coils used...Missed seeing you there Bob...Cheers, Unc

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Hello Colorado Bob,

Didn't you rejoin the club? :spank: When I left late Sunday evening there was about 20 nuggets found from the weekend that I know about. The biggest was probably my gold nugget at 3.1 Dwt's from what I heard. However, I didn't find it on the push, done some hunting around the pushes and found it.

Crown King Steve had about 7-8 when I left and would guess he has probably found at least a couple more small ones. Steve is pretty methodical, so I would almost bet he comes out of there with about 15 nuggets or so.

There was a lot of new faces/members this time, but some of them found their first gold nuggets.

Some bigger pieces might have been found today when larger coils could be used and less metal detectorists on the pushes.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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