gp 3000 Stock Battery Issue

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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving,

I have a gp 3000 with the stock battery. I charged it overnight with the car charrger and when the indicater started to flash slowly, I figured it was good to go. However, when connected to the detector I am getting no sound....just a little static. Any idea what may be wrong with the battery???

Fortunately I have one of the smaller 4.5 hour batteries. When I hook the 3000 with this battery, everything seems to work fine.

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you may have a broken wire inside the dome, easy to take off and check, they are hot glued on, just start at one end and pry it {the Dome} up with a smal scredrive, and check it out, The worse that it could be would be a bad cell, not giving you enough voltage to turn on the electronics in the detector. Grubstake

In that case, you would have to get a new battery, Save the dome top with all the connections, and take the battery to batteries plus, cheapest place, and then you can put the dome top back on the replacement battery.

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Pin 1 is the red power leads, pin 4 is the black power lead. Pins 2 and 3 are the speaker wires. Never try to test the pins without have a power cord hooked up to the battery. It is too hard to try to put tester probes on the male pins of the battery, and I can guarantee you will short the battery out. Instead use the female ends of the power cord to do any testing. A fully charged battery should be around 7.2 volts.

Youv'e only got a couple of options. It's either a bad battery or like Grubby said, a bad headphone wire. This is assuming your power cord is not shorting because you said your other battery sounds good, so I can assume the power cord does not have a short in it.

Inside the dome top, all that happens is pin 1 goes to a little thermal breaker and then to the red terminal on the battery and pin 4 goes to the black battery terminal, pins 2 and 3 run straight across the inside of the dome top over to the 1/4 inch female headphone jack. There really isn't anything confusing inside there.


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  • Admin

Hello DesertDigger,

The bad cell issue happens when the batteries start to get old or sit on the shelf for a long time.

You can get a replacement from Batteries Plus or Interstate Batteries. Either of these places can build you new battery. However, not sure they do the dome top batteries, you might have to do some adapting if you have one built from them.

The might stock replacement batteries are quite expensive at $84.95 for a new 6v 15ah Gel Cell.

Doc and I both sell replacement dome top batteries, which are a bit less expensive at $74 for the 6v 12ah or the 6v 7ah for $49.95.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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