Can anyone tell me about the GPAA shows?

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There is a GPAA gold show this weekend in Lancaster, CA, which is about a 3.5 hour drive from my house. I was thinking of ordering some prospecting equipment online, (to save paying our HIGH taxes), but then was wondering if I might get a good enough discount on items at the Gold show to make the drive worth the while. Can anyone who has gone to these GPAA shows tell me if they discount the equipment for sale there a good amount, (at least more than the 9% in taxes I would pay), to make it worth my 7 hour drive round trip? I am looking to buy a portable creek sluice, a 1/2" classifier pan to fit a 5 gallon bucket, Pick / Maddox, gold pan back Pac, (like Tom Massie's on his show), and possibly a dry washer if the price is right. Besides the discount, will the show have a lot of information for a beginner?

Thank You for the help


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As far as the discounts - all I can say is maybe. Sometimes you can get some, sometimes not - it just depends. How talented are you at driving a bargain?

There is lots of equipment - you might find it well worth your time just to see it all and look at the differences. Stop and talk with the folks demonstrating the equipment - you can learn a lot.

There is lots to learn at these shows, no question about it and the show offers lectures, etc. that are pretty informative.

I'll be there sitting in the booth for the ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal. I'll be giving away free copies of the magazine. If you make it, come by and say hello. I'd be happy to talk with you about prospecting - I've been doing it since the mid-1970s.

Here is my suggestion: Saturday morning things are really busy. If you make it, come by saturday or Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon is best for bargains - the dealers dont want to pack up and carry stuff home - they'd rather sell it. (cash is so much lighter!)


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Hi Beachnut

You will enjoy the gold show and you can feel the excitement when you walk in the door.You will see all the new detectors for coin and nugget hunting.You also will see all the new dredging,drywashing equipment to get your gold out.It's just 5 dollars to get you in and you get to meet people like Chris plus Jim Straight will be there too.

Now don't leave your money at home because I'm sure you will want to buy something before you walk out the door.

Have Fun!

Chuck Anders

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  • Admin

Hello Beachnut,

I agree with Reno Chris since I do the Phoenix GPAA Show every year. I'm always willing to bargain a bit Sunday afternoon vs. Saturday. I hate packing all the stuff back up! If you're interested in something, see what kind of deal you can drive on Sunday with the dealer or vendor.

The Lancaster show should be a good one.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Thank You all for your input. I am sitting here at home on the morning of the show on my teeter totter of thought and have landed on the side of not going due mostly to the co$t, and potential bad weather. Figure it would cost a minimum of $150++ in gas, food, and lodging. That's $150++ less for prospecting equipment. I WILL be ordering Chris's new book! Looks like a wealth of information, that I can use since I wont be getting all that info at the show.

Again, thank you all for the help...... Maybe I will go to the Fresno show????


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