Happy Birthday JP!

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Sometimes it good to just go by yourself, to clear your head, most times it great to have a partner for company and safety. But then sometimes that can be a heart breaker too. Gold does strange things to people. take care and I wish you a good year. Grubstake

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Hello JP,

Well first I want to wish you a Happy Birthday my friend! Hope you find a big huge nugget for your birthday. On another note, thanks for always being a great friend and contributor here on the forums. All my customers have really enjoyed your "GPX-4500 Overview" you wrote for me.

Wishing you and your family the best.

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob, thanks for the birthday wishes it is appreciated. The question is though, when are you coming down under to grab yourself some Aussie gold? Last year was the end of an era with Frieda and the boys settling down here in Clermont as our boys get ready for high school (I think you guys call it junior high, they just turned 11 (year 6)), so I am now a lonely old man for at least the next 8 years when Frieda and I are planning on hitting the road again. If you ever get the urge to head down this way look me up, I'm sure there are a few patches still worth investigating!! B)


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