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You got it Gary, dont need more stores. Rob and Doc are the best dealers I know on the west coast, just need more stock. Im hoping Minelab is kicking it up a notch.

Gary dont get me started on Obama or the stimulus package. All Im going to say is the banks are getting bailed out and giving bonuses to their employees while hard working people are getting booted out of their homes.


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Hello Guys,

Minelab is moving the main US headquarters to Chicago from what I've been told, but they are still keeping the facility in Las Vegas. I haven't heard of any Superstores? I can't see them opening up a store when they have hundreds of dealers throughout the US.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Guest sandtrap

Talking of stimulus. Armed, security guards at a certain naval base get approximately $14.50 nite rate,per hour.. There are signs up in my city that say"Be a census worker".. $15.. an hour.. I guess being a census worker is better, but only a part time job..

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Yeh, Jer. They don't get to play with gun though! and I have already sent mine in, a little mexican gal brought it by on Sat. I filled it out a took it to the mail box. They used a GPS to mark my house, and my landladys vacation house. Wife told her that no one lived in it, that my landlady lives out of town and has not been here for three years. She said: I have to mark the house on my GPS and leave one anyway. OK now who's missing a GPS? Grubstake

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Grubby ... I lost mine hunting last fall but was able to follow the breadcrumbs I was dropping as well and returned along my route to find it! :) Seriously though I did lose it and had to backtrack using my map/compass and landmarks and I lucked into finding it. I don't truct that belt clip supplied by Garmin with my GPSMAP 60csx ... it now resides in a little pouch on my belt ... and it can't escape from there unless I lose my pants! :)


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