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NVchris. Thankfully the Minelab cords for the GPXs are far better that any of the cords that they made for the SDs and GPs . Before the GPXs , power cord failures were a constant problem for everyone . I have taken a GPX cord apart at the plugs and the quality and construction is a vast improvement over previous ones. That being said, I wouldn't venture out on a trip without a spare whether it be one of Docs or Minelabs. I'm sure Doc can fix you up with either one. I've never had a failure with a GPX cord , but I keep a spare on the quad. ----Bob

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Thanks for the responses!

I haven't had a chance to look at the plug but it's the "detector" end that started acting up (audio not power).

Once I get it apart I think I'll put a small cable tugger (think chinese finger cuff) on it for strain relief if it works out I'll post a photo and how to for any thats interested.


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Hey Chris,

I'm surprised you didn't know that Coiltek has been making Heavy Duty Straight and Curly Power Cords for the Minelab PI's dating back to the SD2000, well over 10 years ago. I've sold hundreds of them over the years and in my opinion they are twice as strong as the stock Minelab ones (at least old ones). Minelab is now making a much stronger version.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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Thanks Rob!

I've got 2 of them (Coiltek) still using the first one on the 3000.

Guess I should have asked if a local was making them... I like to support the small time builders when I can.

But I need one in a hurry so you know who will get the call come monday .............


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