Theres like 50 GPX4500's on ebay for $1700 scam????

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There are over twenty postings of this guy jjmilitarycertificates is the seller, bids starting at $99.99 dollars , less than 24 hours left on the bids and the classic, BUY NOW $1700 dollars...I have already contacted Ebay...Guido

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The other possibility is that these are the phony chinese knock offs that are VLFs and really dont work, but look like an ML.

I'd be very careful about buying a detector from some unknown guy on ebay at a price that seems too good to be true.


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Well as you can see, not one of those detectors is there today. I guess Ebay made him take them off. Grubstake

Man that's great, the email I sent to Ebay said they would investigate the postings within 72hrs, I was hoping that was just a computer generic response. Now everyone can see why corrupted sellers have a 24 hrs time limit on there items and for a low price/email me/ is asking for trouble if they buy such GOOD DEALS. Some people can be so low is disgusting. Guido

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That guy did the same thing about a month ago. He hijacked a top sellers account, had 4500s for the same price , $1700.00 . He got reported and the ad was pulled quickly. I doubt that there were any detectors, fake or genuine .----Bob

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  • Admin

Hello All,

I recommend anyone looking for a GPX-4500 to go with a local or Internet dealer. Purchasing off of Ebay can be risky, especially if it's under the normal selling price of $4,495.00.

Anyone looking for one should give me a call. They detectors are now coming in much faster now with very little wait. I also offer one of the best bundle packages, field instructions and shipping/insurance included for free.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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