easter weekend

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Well Grubstake... If I were a betting man... I'd bet your uncle Allan

will be the one who will show you-all how to kick the skunk.

I will follow this thread closely... So let us know how everyone does.

Be sure to have coffee at the Randsburg General store. Have Karen take

a photo and make sure everyone says 'CHEESE.'

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I don't know about that Jim. My uncles says were going for hunting, not drinking coffee and shootin the bull. He only has so much time and wants to hunt gold. Gary

Hey guys, have fun . You make me lonesome for home. Take a few photos for me. I know you'll be about 5-10 miles north of where I hunt. But the desert is home.

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Well a few years ago, while I was drinking coffee at the General Store a

ragged ol prospector came in. Over coffee he whispered to me about a map.

It was to a area in the QUADRANGlE where a guy named Peg-leg found a hundred

black nuggets on a ridge only three miles from the General Store...

I bought the map for an undisclosed amount of cash. But due to advancing age

of my burro we cannot go there... It is for sale... let me know.

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Well Sandtrap... Only if the coffee is Butternut. However I'm

holding out for a better offer... Grubstake what will you offer

for the waybill? It is drawn on scratch paper with a dull yellow

crayon. "the other jim"

PS: Denny.. the "wind" is blowing hard... cant'cha tell?

Jim i was out there last fri/sat and last tues,The wind was blowing like hell on tues,There is a new group called freinds of last chance they have a claim called the tip top, For 25 bucks a year you can use there claim, Not a bad deal for that area.We have a few claims on upper boulder gulch,It is basalt hell. and that is why the gold is still there. It is quite compared to gohler benson or nugget ally. The El Pasos are one of my favorite places to get away from the world and it,s woes. As with gold there is always some kind of wind blowin. Can u say bahia placer.

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Ha hah... :) I have enjoyed the posts.. Tried to "I-GOTCHA" but as usual Grubsake

was too smart. It is now Thursday evening... Grubstake, if you are still out

there, Friday comes soon... May you and Allan have a great weekend... and may

all of you pass your searchcoils over yellow metal and dig nice nuggets...

"Tailgate" aka the other Jim :)

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Jim, we came home early, today instaed of tomarrow. Wind was just to bad, on the way home, my wife called me and my mother had a heart attack and is in the Fresno Community hospital. In intencive care. won't know much till tomarrow, she is 80 years old, my sister is with her. I'll know more tomarrow after the test are done. Grubstake

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Yep, my mother is having an agioplasty done right now, waiting for an up date from my sister. I may have to go to Fresno tomarrow sometime. depending on the out come. Grubstake

Join the club. My mom has alzheimers. She has never been the happiest person so now she's more unhappy and distrusting. She thinks everybody is trying to mess her up.

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Well let me chime in. Age is just a number. My memory is is still

like a sponge; everything soaks in; but drips out: Where are my glasses?, and did I mail the electricity bill?

Gary, I'm truly sorry about your mom (Allan's sister) I'm sure she will be okay.

Ebbonbetta, today, "senior moments" can be treated and slowed down.

Now for easter weekend... Gary, other than the "Mojave Zephyrs"

which can be most fierce this time of year, you got in a day of good hunting... And one thing positive about the "Zephyrs," they

blow off the finer sand grains to expose new gold "sunbakers."

I'm glad you and Allan were able to go and hunt with Jerry. I would have liked to join in, but unable to do so...

There are still big nuggets to be found... Remember Ty's 14- pound "Mojave Queen." :)

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Yep, Jim. and the up date on my mom is, she is being released from the hospital, they did and angiogram, and her heart was not blocked, they said most likely Acid reflux, or something caused her to have all the chest pain. Samething I'm going in for on Wensday, to have a sonagram on my Gall bladder. So she will be under going more tests also next week. But I'm glad it was not her heart. Grubstake

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Yes, I know senior moments can be helped in this day and age with medication. Problem is mom will not take the. Due to her imaginations. She has argued with here dr. Saying he was not her dr but his twin. She is not truly realistic and going off the deep end of late. It's kind of useless to try and reason with a person when they are insane.

Insanity classifed as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Oh well for me she doesn't cooperate but when my brother comes over...she showers and gets dressed. Granted it took over an hour and having to follow her actions while she gets lost on what she is doing.

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