Some pictures of Coiltek Gold

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Looks like the forum is a little slow, I always like pictures of gold. Here are some pictures Trevor sent me of gold prospectors have found with their Coiltek coils in Australia.

Of course getting Coiltek coils is the issue now. A couple of them made their way to Sudan and now no one wants GPX4500's, they all want bigger coils. Apparently the Dubai Minelab dealer got delivery of 500 machines and rumor is that he has dropped the price drastically.


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Hey Doc,

Great pictures of Coiltek gold! Tell Trev thanks for sharing the pictures here on the forums.

On another note, I know what you mean about the price of the GPX-4500's. I was out at Rich Hill this weekend and ran into two guys that were prospecting near some claims we were at. I went over to question them and they both had brand new GPX-4500's right out of the box. Both of these guys were GREEN as can be when it comes to detecting. We shot the shit for about 15 minutes and then asked them where they purchased their GPX detectors from. They guy stated they purchased them both from the same Arizona dealer and got them for less then $3,500 each. Go figure .... Ya I know the dealer and he is one of the biggest bitchers about people dropping the price and then this ....

Oh well, two happy nuggetshooters in the field.

Rob Allison

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Rob it doesn't surprise me that some dealers are selling low to establish their dealership or meet their Minelab quota but I'd like to see how much more gold those "green" guys in Sudan would be finding if they got free field instruction with their new 4500 purchase. Take care AzNuggetBob

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