How NOT to back your massively expensive 4x4 down an Australian road

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btw, Jennifer....I doubt you will remember the post but I was wrong and you were right...and I apologise for my harsh words...


No problem Fred... not need to apologize....

Psst.. umm what are you apologizing for, feel free to pm me a reminder of the post, no need to do it publicly, but thanks.


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I don't think it was in reverse no back up lights, if so then he was rolling down braking, makes huge difference in the ability to control.

A fun thing to do is get up some speed while rolling backwards then stomp/yank on the parking brake while crimping the wheel spin her right around :)

But don't try it in the ruts :)

Why would it be a write off with just a few dings:) Thats just a lil desert pin-striping.

I bet they did kiss the tree tho :)

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I bet they did kiss the tree tho :)

If you look at the huge dent in the roof line on the rear left side as it stops I reckon they made full on love with the tree, not just a kiss....

Tree love you long time.... :spank:

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