Gone over the weekend

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Ok, all. I'm leaving for Monterey in the morning, then to quartzsite for the weekend. won't be on the internet until late Monday night. but I'll be on tonight until around 11pm. So have a great memorial day weekend, remember Our troops, for without them. we wouldn't have the freedoms we DO! have, that Obama's trying to take away. keep up the fight! Grubstake

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Hey Gary

Same here, be safe. Should be about 100deg there

Drink water then drink more, find shade, well

you know.

Good Luck and Find Gold


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Oh! Yeh Guys, I always have plenty of water, I got a 72 oz Camel hydration bladder I carry in my back pack, Light Desert cammo BDU's and always a hat. And I don't rush anything, I just go at my own pace. Slow and low. Thanks Have a good gold weekend everyone. Grubstake

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Have a great trip down there. With all this weather we have been having up here, it should be a nice change to get away. I hope you get over some gold down there, it sounds like the trip will be nice with or without the gold. Take care and i look forward to hearing about it when you get back.


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Hey Grubsteak, :lol:

I think Dennis and I are going to do some exploring in the morning. Hoping to pick up a few more nuggets. Keep us posted on how you do out there.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

Heck with If you find anything. I wanna see some desert. I miss my home. Drywash piles annd scrubbrush.

Have a great time and take it slow.

Lets see a purple sunset.

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