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All members,

I recently made a post "say hello to my little friends"

I did not find these nuggets and did not give due credit to the person who found them. I should have responded to your assumptions that I had found these.

Terry who goes by Drifter was the person who found them. He came over to visit me and I took the pictures and asked his o k to post them here he said that was fine but he wished to remain anonymous.

I made a mistake and let you all think I had found these and for that I sincerely apologies.

The correct weights are 28.8 g for the large one 2 g on the chevron and 19.7 for the other 9.

The large one was found @ Rye Patch along with the 2g chevron in the same wash. The other 9 were found in the Eugene's

I let this go and was wrong in doing so. I'd like to thank Terry for giving my the opportunity to make this right.


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knock it off you guys, i'm the one & only drifter, my name is terry by birth. i got real lucky with the nuggets Nevada Chris showed you, thats all. you don't see me all over the forums 'cause that's not my way. i just hunt for nuggets like the rest of you, mainly for the pure joy of it, plus camping out with my best friends, the jackrabbits,coyotes, meadowlarks, et al. thank god we have a passion for something real in a bogus world. gold will endure, treasure it! thanks to chris for stepping up to the plate to clear things up. Drifter.

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Hi All

This is an example of one of the many reasons that

untold numbers of fellow prospector/detectorist are

privileged to say, Chris is a friend of mine.



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