Will a gpx 5000 null out nails ?

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you can discriminate iron with the double d but i have also found nuggets encrusted in rich iron so any minelab pi will disc. iron but you should always dig every target

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What are you using now?

I'm coin and relic hunting in the UK using the 5000 daily.... The 5000 seems a lot better on iron rejection than the 4000 I used to use.... the standard coil seems the best choice for the Roman sites, although I still get shallow small and deep large nails occasionally fooling me.

Timings that work best for me are NORMAL for most sites, where depth matters. On Roman high mineralization sites, fine gold work really well and the discrimination is very good. On these sites using this timing I tweak up the gain to improve discrimination.

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Hey Hollywood,

I've received many inquries about the new "coin/relic" timing on the GPX5000 for guys strickly hunting for relics/coils at deeper depths. I've gotten several calls from Mexico and a few email inqurires from Europe asking about them. Many of these guys don't care about price, they are strickly looking for a hand held metal detector that will have max penitration for these type of items.

You mentioned about nails? For the most part, all iron rubbish and iron targets will sound somewhat similar. When you use the "iron reject" on the GPX5000, you're actually blanking out the target, but not really making it go away. When you pass over a chunk of iron, the signal will rise, cut out and then come back, more of a blanking out type sound.

I don't use the iron reject much at all, pretty much hunt in all metal mode and dig all targets, including some trash.

If you plan on using the iron reject you must use the stock 11-inch DD searchcoil that is included, or a large or smaller DD.

When you're interested in making a Minelab purchase, give us a ring and review what we have to offer you before you make a purchase elsewhere.

Always feel free to call us or email us, or make a reply back here on the forums.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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When I found my Stater hoard, I used a 4000 to find the last 20 odd... because these 5g gold coins were at a depth of down to 14", I could keep the settings very simple... I just used the "Normal" (N) timing and searched in "General" (G) search mode... then upped the RXGain. I used a 16" mono coil, marking all signals with line-marking paint, then checking them with an Explorer SE.... and then dug all the non-ferrous and deep targets the Explorer couldn't reach.

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