Is this the bleeding edge - or - another ripoff?

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Hey Flak,

How is it going? You been doing any hunting?

These things have been around for awhile. I have looked at them several times and am trying to deside if I need a new toy to play with.

Kind of been looking at the Evolution and the Rover Deluxe. There is a price difference of around 6 thousand between the two. Will have to give it some thought. :unsure:

I still think that it would be a fun machine.

Bob T.

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ive checked into these things extensively they are more for looking deep into the ground for large amounts of metal like pockets of iron, treasure, caverns, and maping bedrock verry useful to the pro miner not the nugget hunter unless you feel like using a track hoe in place of a pick :rolleyes: i still want one big nugs Justin

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They also sell "Long Range Locators" LINK HERE - the scam of the 21st Century.

Anyone selling these lies and garbage has lost their credibility with me. And apparently, the FBI.

The UK seller of LRLs was arrested for fraud last year for selling USD$42M worth to the Iraqi government after claiming they could be programmed to find other things like explosives. The head of Iraq's security said his arrest was a cover to" prevent the Americans for gaining access to his amazing technology". The British Government also stated said that their independent scientists proved the devices were incapable of working and that every explosive that had been detonated in the cities (killing hundreds of people) had passed at least 5 of these detectors on the way in.

Buy their other junk at your own peril, I guess.

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