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To show you how much I don't know is that Minelab has not drop the price on the GP4500 yet.Minelab three best detectors on the market and the price of each on top of the price of the other that something has to give.I told myself they will drop the price of the GP4500 but if not they would just take it off the market.

I have yet been right on any of this.My head is starting to hurt from all this thinking so I give up.

Chuck Anders

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Hey Ridge Runner,

The price is still holding at $4,750.00 for the GPX4500's. I personally haven't heard of any price reductions as of yet. The demand for the GPX4500's is still high. I'm still getting customers asking about them along with the new GPX5000.

The GPX4800 seems like it might be a slow mover.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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The price space between the GPX5000 and the GPX4500 is 845.00 and that is a fair amount.Now if I was on a budget and like we all have heard how great the GPX4500 has been, I'd go for it.845.00 is a lot of money for anybody being it's nocking at the door of a thousand.I can see why the GPX4800 could be a slow seller.If I could afford it I'd dig just a little deeper for the GPX5000.

Chuck Anders

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