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Minelab Metal Detector Forum
Hello All,

This forum will be dedicated to strickly to the Minelab Brand. Talk about metal detectors, searchcoils, accessories or whatever is allowed here as long as it's releated to the Minelab brand. Below is some information I have gather for anyone that is interested in learning more about the Minelab brand.


The Minelab Story:

Since its origins in 1985 Minelab has been the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs. Through devotion to research and development and innovative design, Minelab is today a major world manufacturer of hand held metal detector products. Over the past 20 years, Minelab has introduced more innovative and practical technology than any of its competitors and has taken the metal detecting industry to new levels of excellence.

Specialising in advanced electronic technologies, Minelab's competitive advantage was created early on with a highly innovative and dedicated research and development team inspired by the innovative physicist Bruce Candy. Minelab spends a higher percentage of annual revenue in research and development than any of its competitors enabling us to continue to provide cutting edge technology in metal detecting equipment. We excel in providing leading technologies and are confident that our culture of innovation and commitment to quality will ensure Minelab continues to succeed.

With manufacturing, distribution and customer service operations in Australia, Europe and the United States you are always safe in the knowledge that customer care is close at hand. Minelab’s worldwide network of Authorised Dealers are able to give you the most up-to-date knowledge in products and techniques that will help you to improve your success rate in the field. Minelab products continue to set new standards in the world of metal detecting for both performance and innovation.

In line with these high standards Minelab is an ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed Company. ISO 9001 is a worldwide quality standard certification that ensures continuous improvement is maintained in order to provide the highest level of product quality for our customers. We believe in a strong customer focus and working together to find innovative solutions that add value to our products.

It is this commitment to the development of new technologies, along with excellence in customer service that will give you a big advantage when you are out detecting, no matter what the ground or environmental conditions. With Minelab products you will have the opportunity to find more good targets more often.

In 2008 Minelab became a member of the dynamic Codan Group of Companies. The parent company, Codan Limited, is an international leader in high frequency radio and satellite communications markets with customers in over 150 countries. In 2009, Codan celebrates its commemorative year, marking 50 years of Codan communication equipment.

Minelab Customer Care Helpline -

If you ever have a questions, comment or concern about a Minelab product, you can now call the new Customer Care Team Number: 1-877-SOS-MLAB (1-877-767-6522)


Ewout A. Kozel
Operations Manager, Minelab USA
North American Operations
e: [email protected]

Minelab Website, Minelab Treasure Talk, Newsletter and Minelab TV links -

Minelab's Main Website - www.minelab.com

Minelab's Treasure Talk -

Minelab's Newsletter -

Minelab's TV -

Minelab Product Warranty -

Dealers and customers can now submit their metal detector or product warranty information through Minelab's website. This makes it much easier for Minelab to receive the correct information and elliminate any chance of the warranty card getting lost in the mail. You can still submit your warranty cards through mail if you prefer.

Standard Minelab Metal Detector Warranties are 3 Years from the date of purchase.

Minelab's New Repair Warranty Info -

7 day, no questions asked product replacement
Covers out-of-box failures - No questions asked!

30 day product replacement review
Covers out-of-box failures up to 30 days after initial purchase!

90 day guarantee on out of warranty repair work
Repair for same problem at no additional charge
Free shipping back to Minelab to remedy problem (3-day select, both ways)
Currently excludes Excaliburs (to be included Jan 1, 2011)
For in-warranty work, they will extend a customer’s warranty for the amount of time they have the machine!

Minelab Metal Detector Technologies -

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11 hours ago, Azabu said:

Newbie question. 

I'd like to know If a metal alarm tells the difference between different metals like silver, gold, and aluminum?
Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance 

No, silver, gold , aluminum, lead and basically all metals that aren't iron are all non ferrous metals and will have much the same signal.

Any company that makes the first detector that can tell exactly what non ferrous metal it's detecting is will make lot of money!!

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Hey Guys,

   I agree, the only detectors that will give you a different tone on ferrous/non ferrous metal is a good coin/relic detector.  These will allow you to some degree have a different tone on different metals, such as a copper penny vs. a silver coin.  All the pure gold detectors for gold nugget detector are pretty much all-metal detectors with very little to no discrimination.  

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