First gold with 4500

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I havent had much of a chance to use the new 4500. Today i went new patch hunting and hit 2 nuggets. Look to be about 2dwt for the both. I think this is my first 2 nugget day. :D no mas el skunko!!!


Alright Benz...That skunk been kicking my ass lately...Congrates on your find! Guido

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Hey Rudy,

Congrats on the new nugget finds. Some great looking gold with some good color to it.

Did you ever happen to get a Goldscreamer Power Pack yet? I know we talked about it and I wasn't sure if you wanted me to call you back or not ...

Wishing you much more success in the California goldfields.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Nice finds Rudy. I was wondering if you ever made it back from the honeymoon. I haven't

seen any posts from you since the outing. Good luck out there.


Whats up matt!I been so efin busy.. Drew was asking about you and Wes. Hows everythign going?

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You earned them nuggets, with hours hunting and the miles you've hiked. Your starting to learn the signs of prospecting and more nuggets should be coming your way in short-order! WTG!!!


Great job Rudy... go back and get some more!

Thanks Rick and Steve for all your help...

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