A Bunch of New Products Now Available for Sale

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Hello All,

As you probably seen from Doc's post there are a bunch of new products available, some you probably don't even know about yet. I will have pictures of all of them soon, but for now there are some of the new products and accesories available from Rob's Detector Sales -

Doc's new Licorice Carbon Fiber Upper Shaft and new lower shafts. We are running a bundle special that includes the carbon fiber upper and (4) lower shafts for $150.00. This is a smokin deal for five pieces.

A new coil that I can't talk about yet ....

Doc's new "Y" splitter for anyone looking to use headphones and external speaker together or any combination such as two sets of headphones, which is great for instructing. The "Y" Splitter is $5 apiece.

Doc's new Mini Speaker, which is even smaller than the new SlimLine External Speaker. Not sure on this price as of yet.

Give us a call or post back here if you're interested in any of these new products so far. Like I mentioned, I will try to get some pictures up soon.

More coming soon ....

Give us a call if you would like to order or shoot us over an email at - [email protected]

Rob Allison

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