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hit a new little patch in an old hammered area, the 4500 with the joey got just a whisper between two rocks and about 4 hours of moving rocks produced about 18 nuggets for a shade over a half-ounce, my wife sold them about 15 minutes after I got home, before I could take pictures, so I went back and found 12 more today for about 1/4 ounce, the largest was 80 grains. I tried some new settings to help with the hot rocks and it seemed to work


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Hey Glenn,

If guys only knew all the gold we found over the years and all the places we found gold where it wasn't susposed to be! :ph34r: Or better yet, the couple of groups that tracked us an entire season and said they found more gold then us in our own spots where we cleaned house ... haha

I'm geared up, back in great shape and ready to do it all again like we did about 2-3 years ago.

You still able to hike over ridge tops, down through Canyons and cross running water courses? :unsure: If so, I know where a couple of pounds of the good stuff is waiting to be found.

Talk with you later gold finder.

Rob Allison

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Rob, I am still half mountain goat, so I am ready to go,I have a 35 year old hunting partner fresh out of the military and he just shakes his head and huffs and puffs along with me, I think I am aging him. My wife sells the gold out of her second-hand store in Black Canyon, with all the snow-birds returning she is going to keep me busy

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