A few more bits with the GB2

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Went out for another play with the GB2 had a good day, the area I detect is getting very overgrown and gold is getting harder to find. I took a friend with me and he borrowed my whites GMT between the two of us we managed to find 7 small nuggets. I found 4 with the GB2 my friend found 3 with the Whites he was very pleased having never used the Whites before. One piece I found I nick named Mr T seeya Neilo


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Nice nuggets--what coils did you find the nuggets with--thanks for sharing

I only ever use 6 inch coil I have been able to pick up small nuggets at around 10 inches with it in quiet ground.Plus with the six inch picking out nuggets in amongst hot rocks and mineralised ground is much easier

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I have bought a 6.5" coil and canot get it to tune. any suggestions?

What settings are running it on ? If using Boost you would be better off in Normal!

What is the ground like ? Try running in Normal Mineralisation mode, If still noisy reduce sensitivity if this doesnt work go to High mineralisation mode and if still noisy lower sensitivity.

Threshold will change in different modes, set your threshold with coil in normal detecting position near the ground, not with coil in mid air! It might be a case of reducing threshold tone to nearly silent or so it is only just silent. Setting threshold too loud also increases ground noise.

People dont realise your threshold should be set using a tiny test nugget, if set too loud you wont hear the tiny nugget.

Every time When changing modes re ground balance machine!

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G'day Neilo

Good advice there mate, i used to use a tiny 0.01 nugget glued into a bright yellow

poker chip so i wouldnt loose it, i would just throw it on the ground every now n then

to check my settings where spot on, this is more important with the GB2 than any other

detector i think...

I wonder if you have had a swing over at "whites gully" at jupiter ??

if you walk up the track from the fence line at the bottom of the gully

go past the adit with bars over the entrance and keep walking up the right hand track

until just before it crosses the gully below the "echunga sth" mine on the

opposite side of the gully, well that slope on the lft hand side of the gully at that point

before you cross over has some very good GB2 gold on it,...

also if you cross the gully just past there, look directly

on your left side you will see tons of white qrtz float coming down the slope, that also

is good GB2 specie slope wash...

Great to hear you are doing ok up there mate, i really miss that area...

All the best and HH

Pete in WA B)

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Thanks Pete good to hear from you havent been to Jupiter yet with GB still hanging around chapell. I think I know where you mean at jupiter. thanks for your advice. Will give it a go. The good old test nuggett is a must for every machine as far as I am concerned. Even when I use the 4500 I set it up that way its surprising how easily you can miss small faint targets just having setting a little bit off. I am pleased with the GB2 its just about 3/4 paid for its self in 7 outings since I bought it. Seeya Neilo

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