Seven springs gold

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Anyone ever worked the seven springs area north of Carefree? One of my clients just told me that when she and her sister went swimming in the pool, her brother would be panning. She said he did get gold but that was many years ago. There is a mine to the west if you go in off of spur cross road so it could be possible.

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Hello Spotter,

Yes, there are gold nuggets in the Seven Springs area. I knew a guy about 5 years ago or so that purchased a Minelab detector and spent most of his time hunting game in that region. He said he knew that country like the back of his hand. He said he seen several places that looked like old-timers workings along with scattered mines and prospects on the hills. This customer eventually found some nuggets after some time exploring. It's been some time, so I couldn't tell you if the customer is watching this forum to even chime in.

I think with some exploring you have a good possibililty to find something (not sure how much and how big).

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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