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Hello All,

I saw on the news tonight about Arizona Mining Claim scams due to the price of gold. Here is a online article that you can also read yourself if you missed it on the news this evening - Arizona Mining Claim Scam article

I have heard that there are several groups around the Rich Hill and Wickenburg area that are being investigated for scams. Doesn't surprise me, as someone is always looking for a get rich scam and using the weak and unknowlegable as targets. Just makes me sick .... how can these people sleep at night?

Rob Allison

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Wow! TV 5 successfully got an interview with the fox about the henhouse!!! Freakin' amazing! :spank: least part of it...really great research 5! But it is good PR for the various clubs who do a great job of protecting our prospecting rights, especially GPAA, Roadrunners, LDMA, Havasu and others ... Cheers, Unc

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Like usual, I get way the hell off topic. Leave me alone, I'm old, my mind wanders.

Just in the last 2 weeks we have received fraud alerts on people attempting to buy metal detecting equipment with fraudulent credit cards.

I also know of a dealer who got scammed on three GPX5000's with fraudulent credit cards. The first guy got away with it, so apparently he told two of his friends who did the same thing.

This dealer is now on the verge of bankruptcy, because losing over $17,000 in three machines is pretty much all the working capital, and then some, that some of the mom and pop operations have to work with. That's a pretty hard hit for anyone to absorb.

Fortunately most of my customers are known to me. If I get a hinky feeling I just tell them they will have to send a Western Union wire transfer, or that I have to hold the machine for two weeks until the credit card clears.

The latest scam is for them to tell you that they have their own courier who will pick up the machine and ship it to them. So they give you a fake credit card and ask you to put an extra $250, on it for your trouble and please have a $100 cash to give the courier when they come. So they walk off with a new machine and a $100, and then your notified when it is too late that the credit card is stolen. They have to do it this way because they need to get that detector out of your hands as fast as possible, before the credit card is discovered to have been compromised. So usually the courier shows up within hours of anyone agreeing to do a sale.

I am sure you have those Nigerian scam letters show up in your email box all the time.

If you ever want a real hoot, visit and sign up to read about these guys that scam the scammers. It's freaking hysterical. These guys go after the Nigerian Scammers that fill your mail box with bull crap about you winning 80 million dollars in the Liberian lottery. Well they play these guys and lead them to believe that they will pay the $2,500 processing fee, or whatever the scam is. These SCAM baiters, (the good guys) are very sophisticated, they have a variety of ways of convincing these scammers that they are falling for the scam. Generally they like to make them "travel." Telling the scammer that they have sent the Western Union wire to a wrong city 200 miles away from the scammer. A perfectly innocent mistake, and if the scammer will just travel the 200 miles they will send another $500 via Western Union to the same city, so the scammer can pick up the $2500 and $500 for their trouble. The good guys have very official looking Western Union receipts which indicate they have indeed sent the money and it is waiting in the foreign city. Of course they email these receipts to the scammers to convince them. That $3000 is just a short 200 miles from the scammers home town. Of course there is no money waiting, and the scammer drives 200 miles for nothing. You have to read the forums of the back and forth emails, and the final email when the scammer realizes he has been scammed. He's usually sitting in the foreign city, which he took a bus to get to, with borrowed money, and he is stranded because he counted on getting the $3000 from Western Union to pay for the bus trip back to his hometown.

There is no way I can adequately explain how funny this stuff is. You just have to read a few. It sort of feels good knowing someone is making these scammers life hell. I'm getting 15 to 20 of these Nigerian scam emails a day.



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As a phone tech I had the displeasure of working with customers running "boiler rooms" in south Florida.

Us worker bees can't discriminate against customers but it really bristled my hair to hear these losers scamming people (many of them elderly and hungry for conversation) over the phone.


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