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Hey all:

Welp, pops and I went out to the GOLDEN DIAPER claim and did some digging.

Good Lord decided to bless us again....

This is a wash that I had found some gold in before and hammered it hard...even let a buddy come in after me to hit it. (he schooled me on a nice little nug I missed)

Pops and I figured there should be more gold here so we decided to do some drywashing.

We dug about a foot of overburdend off and I detected it with the 5000

Lo and behold....we got some nice pickers and a little sunbaker out of it.

Ran some stuff through the drywasher and got some more!

We sucked up a lot of stuff and chipped/dug some more.

Ran the 5000 over it and and (I hate to say this) got a faint hit.

Started digging down and it got louder and louder. Pops got the ol GB pro out to help me pinpoint it.

Nice thing about this wash.....no trash and no bullets. So, if I get a target...its pretty much gold. smile.gif

Dig, detect, dig detect...its screaming now.... FINALLY got it in the spoon.

Im telling dad its a big one!. Halfing it out...throw the last bit of dirt in the spoon and its screaming....there it is....all covered with dirt....HOLY COW...a nice 16.3 gram nug!!!!! Over a half oz. smile.gif Little monster was down about a foot and a half. Must have been setting with his pointy side up...cuz I missed it the first two times.

Total for the day was 22.6 grams. Little over 3/4 of a oz.total for the day. That paid for the gas! smile.gif

What a great day out with pops. I hit some targets and let pops dig them up with the GBpro. He had a good time.

Brought back about 6 buckets of moist dirt and ran it through the trommel tonight.

Got about 2 grams out of it...

All in all....it was a REALLY great day out with dad.

I know it doesnt look like we moved much material...but we really did a LOT of digging and sucking.

Im gonna sleep like a baby tonight!!!

Tom H.

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I'm so happy for you and pops Tom, what a day ay buddy :D

Some lovely gold and great memories....

BTW I could use a trommel like that mate, is it home made or store bought ??

The GOLDEN DIAPER lives on :D

Pete B)

Tks Pete:

Man, im feeling it today! Cant imagine how pops feels...hes 78 yrs old.

Yes, the trommel is home made.

Its pretty handy...thats for sure.

Tom H.

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Any story to go with the name of that claim? How did someone arrive at that name? I picture nuggets the size of diapers or maybe new prospectors, anyway, fun name! :lol:

Well......we kind of pee ourselves whenever we find gold up there.....so, we decided to wear diapers

when we detect :)

Tom H.

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