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What is the configuration of your carpet and ribbed matting? Is the carpet at the head of the sluice? If so, it may be getting packed with black sand and allowing the gold to wash over and then into the ribbed matting.

Do you have riffles in it or expanded metal?

Tom H.

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When running a sluice you have to figure in angle and flow also as to what is the most efficient for the material your running.

I dont think your loosing anything by seeing the size of the gold you got.

You could always reRun your tailings to make sure.

Do that...... It will let you sleep better at night :)

Just got to remember.....nothing is 100% at catching all the gold. Ok...maybe with mercury.....

I very rarely get anything past my first ribbed mat in my trommel.

I do run the water slow in it though.

Tom H.

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I don't like the fact that you aren't catching anything in your carpet. I would think some of the finer stuff should be up there unless your water flow is too strong. If it's jumping the carpet, the smaller stuff is probably jumping the ribbed mat as well, try slow your water down. I'd like to see the opposite happening. Almost every thing in the carpet and very little in the ribbed matting.

Using those little flakes, try adjusting your water flow until you see those flakes are getting stopped in the carpet before they get to the rubber matting.


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  • Admin

Hello DesertNuggets,

Well from what I'm seeing (correct me if I'm wrong), is that the rubber matting is the first gold trapping material in the sluice, correct? The amount of water volume and size of material you can run through that sluice should allow the first rubber mat to trap 80-95% of your values. If the mat being the first trapper is getting that kind of recovery, then I would complain, it's working great. If you start recovering gold further down the sluice, getting near the end, then you might have these problems happening -

(1) Overloading the sluice, or running too long without a clean up

(2) Water volume is too high, moving gold further down the sluice

(3) Larger material entering the sluice, allowing more disturbance and lesser gold recovery

Just some of my observations for all the years running sluices, dredges, drywashers and now a commercial gold operation.

Rob Allison

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