Bad news for my uncle Allen

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Rob, Doc, and some of you others know my uncle, and have hunted with him, well Thursday afternoon, the Oakdale police called and his Step son of in his late 40's, shot and killed his self. He left a note. But since it was being still in the investagation stage, they won't release the what was said in the note. My Aunt, Allens wife is torn up pretty bad about it. And Allen can't understand why he did it either. pretty tragic. Thanks Grubstake

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Srry to hear about this. My prayers and thoughts are with you in this time.

Hang in there bud...................

Tom H.

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That is so sad. One can only wonder what state of desperation does a person get to, that they feel they can no longer live in such pain. And if the desperation is that overwhelming, how come people who know them, don't notice something is wrong.

That is probably the greatest pain that the people who are left behind feel. Besides the pain of the loss, they feel like they should have been able to tell something was wrong, they should have known, they should have been able to do something. There is that feeling of guilt that somehow maybe there was something they could have done to prevent this tragedy. The truth is, people who take their own lives are very good at hiding what is going on. Unfortunately, not venting, and talking about their issues, is what sends them deeper into depression.

Your family are in my prayers.


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Doc, I talked to him about three weeks ago, he only lived about 40 miles from me, He told me things were good, he was thinking of buying a bigger trailer, and he and his girl friend were doing fine. I guss I was the last one in the family to talk to him. And I had no clue. He drank alot, and a few years ago, he killed his cousin in a boating accident in the Sacramento slew. I think he had alot of glit ,because he was driving the boat drunk, when he ran over his cousin. But who knows? not me. he never let on anything was wrong. Thanks for posting on that. Grubstake

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Hi Grubstake,

Please pass along my condolences to your aunt and uncle, that is indeed tragic.

As the Sgt. said, the brain is a computer, but more complex when you add in emotions and feelings;

a hidden language that can be so difficult to interpret.

All of us are damaged in some way.

It is important to try to remind ourselves of that when we get critical with ourselves or someone else.

I know you understand.

My best wishes to you and Dorothy.


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