Upper Happy Ridge Nuggets

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Monday was an awesome day at the LSD...Warm, about 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky ... I hiked in about a half mile to the little patch I discovered last week ... I was sure I'd covered it last week but yesterday as soon as I started swinging my ML4500 with the NF 14E Mono I got a slight signal that almost sounded like mineralization ... I dug down with my mini-McCloud about 5 inches and it was out of the hole ... Sweet little 0.2 DWT dinkster ... Did my thanks to the gold god ritual and popped it into the poke ... About half a dozen swings later I got a ripper of a signal, down about 8 inches on top of the caliche was the 1.2 DWT beauty... Solid and chunky ... Then, except for some irritating cow aluminum, there were no more targets ... I'll probably have to go back and cover this sweet little patch at least one more time with a different coil, maybe my CT Joey Mono? ... Here's my usual too many pix ... Cheers, Unc

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Those are great looking nuggets, congrats on the great finds. I bet you will find a lot more with your different coils. Keep up the great work!!


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Hey Uncle Ron,

Very nice! Just makes you wonder how many nuggets we are walking over and by out there .... :unsure: I have 2-3 washes that I have yet to find a patch on the bank or hillside, but hundreds of nuggets were found in the wash (go figure). I haven't given up on them, believe there a nugget or two hiding somewhere up there, if not more.

Thanks for sharing. Hope you expand the Upper Happy Ridge out more.

Rob Allison

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Yo All... Went back up to the patch on Wed. with my CT Joey Mono ... I was certain I'd scare up at least a dink or two ... The ground is very hot and I kept having to balance the 4500 because the Joey just picked up everything ... Alas, I found only one target after gridding and re-gridding and that was a boot tack up tight in a bush ... I think I can pronounce the Upper Happy Ridge Patch officially whacked!!!! ... :excl: I'm sorta glad because it was a bitch to climb up into ... So far my Happy Patch and Happy Gulch combo area has produced 0.855 OZT ... All solid with very, very little quartz specks in them ... Jewelry value ???? Maybe about $2,000, or more if I get El D to whip his magic on them .... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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