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Hello All,

Despite the hot weather, a partner and I decided to do some scratching out in the desert. The weekend didn't go the greatest, I felt crummy all weekend with a sore throat. Our $100 canopy took a flight and bent both legs in a 90 degree angle, so our so called escape from the Sun was gone the first hour. Low and behold today I managed to make it too work, but felt worse on arrival. I left and hit the nearest Urgent Care to find out I have Strep Throat!

The good part is, we found a couple of ounces of nuggets (nothing too big), got to shoot the crap with "Nugget Bob" and shared some great times in the high desert regions of Arizona.

I'm also getting pretty partial to the new NF 14-inch RMZ. It's a bit heavier than my prior Coiltek Goldstalker 14-inch Blitz, but the NF is very stable, amazingly sensitive to small gold and don't get snagged on brush.

Our other partner didn't make it, as we are kind of like the "3 Stooges." Also fun when everyone can join in on the adventure and share the experiences that will never be forgotten.

Below are a couple of pictures of the gold nuggets on the coil.

Take care all,

Rob Allison

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Congrats on the nuggets :) . Strep is nothing to toy with, I lost both my kidneys to it back in '96 and was on dialysis for a year until they found out my wife was a match. Hope you feel better.


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Sorry to hear about the step-throat but I you found nuggets and that makes it worth while. Were you digging very deep or was it close to the surface? I have heard the deeper you go the better chance you have of getting pneumoconiosis (noo´mōkō´nēō´sis), Which is disease of the lung caused by chronic inhalation of dust, usually mineral dusts of occupational or environmental origin. The principal agents include coal, cotton, sand, and asbestos.

Which I would guess you were around sand. Get the meds from the Dr. or I'll send you a script if you need it.

Hopefully you don't havePneumocystis jiroveci

which is an opportunistic infection found in immunocompromised patients such as those with AIDS and starts out as strep. Be carefull and get back out there soon

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Thats some nice gold your getting out of that area!

Keep at it :)

I kind of hid around the house this weekend. Kind of hot to

walk the washes.

Take care of yourself....Dont run yourself down.

Tom H.

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Hey Rob

Sorry to here your not feeling well. I noticed you were feeling abit down when we talked. I know what you mean about looseing shade.

In this area if you want shade you gotta bring it with ya.

It sounds like afriscot knows what he is talking about you may want to take his advise.

Take care and I hope your feeling better soon. AzNuggetBob

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Nice gold Rob! hope you are feeling better. Your wrist must be doing real good by now to be diggin' that much gold. I'm headed to Dun Glenn, NV in a couple of weeks to see if i can find a speck or two. It will be a little cooler there at least. Take Care of yourself ! Chip, Lake Havasu City, Az.

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