Tom and Tom's day out

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Dad wanted to go out and do some sampling in a area hes been thinking about for a while. Its not too far from where we got some reeeeely nice gold. So, Who am I to say no to a guy that is 78yrs old and wants to go out in the middle of summer and dig dirt!

Off we go......................

Once we got there we got all set up and I headed up the wash to do some detecting. Did about 2hrs of detecting and didnt get bullets,tin,wire...nutten! Had to dumb down the ol 5000 with a double D to hear anything but hot rocks and hot bedrock.

Got back to the truck and theres dad.......hes got a hole dug to china.

Taking samples from the top, middle, bottom. Layers of black sand, cobble rocks, looks good.

I did some digging across from him in a area I figured was a backup during the flash floods.

Also did some digging upstream and sucked up bedrock.

Well, the haul for the day was a wopping 4 flakes:O !!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!

Guess we know where not to go now. :)

It was a good day out. Didnt get too hot until around noon.

One other note...............I always wondered why it seems so hot when im detecting a wash and the temp. is only suppose to be 100.

Took my IR thermometer and checked out the bedrock and surounding areas........HOLY COW....125-138F...No wonder its so hot in the washes!

Got to hand it to Dad..........hes a hole digging son of a gun!

Oh yah....Dads way of looking at digging a hole is this............."its kind of like drinking a cuspidor....once you start you cant stop" Hope thats some modivation for someone! :)

Tom H.

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Hey Tom,

Well at least you didn't get skunked. Dennis and I were out today swinging until the heat ran us off around 1:30pm. We started detecting around 5am. We both scored some gold, about 14 Dwt's total for both of us.

We drove into that area today, thinking we might do a second round in another spot, but it was too hot once we got out and started walking around.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Radiant heat in gullies sure is the pits Tom. I was out today too, but it barely hit 90

Adam......gol darnit!!! Where are you going that its only 90!!!!

TELL ME!! :)


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Hey Rob:

Yah, it got toasty around noon.

Glad you guys got some gold. :) Better then our 4 flakes! :0

Dang, you just missed us driving out! We hit the pavement around 1:00.

Tom H.

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